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Lissa's Journal

16th April, 2011. 12:03 am. Not here much anymore

I realized it has been awhile since I've posted here. If anyone is still looking, you can find my semi-regular updates on my crafting blog, at http://tangibledaydreams.blogspot.com/ .

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31st August, 2010. 1:35 pm. Felted Gourd

Felted Gourd
Originally uploaded by lissagwen
This is the result of one of those midnight brainstorms. What would happen if I tried wet felting over a gourd bowl? I'm really pleased with the result. It is a nice contrast between the fuzzy organic wool and the smooth sturdy gourd, and the copper bars and dangle add just the right bit of sparkle.

I did learn along the way that when gourds get absolutely soaking wet, like if you are trying to felt over them, they get quite fragile. This one developed a crack. So, instead of chucking the whole thing, I cut away some of the felt and expanded the crack, turning it into a feature instead of a bug. Now that the gourd is dry, and the copper bars are in place for structural integrity, it is back to being very strong. And I think the resulting focal point actually makes the piece. Here's to happy accidents!

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20th August, 2010. 5:58 pm. Card weaving on a standing inkle loom

I got a new-to-me standing inkle loom in a benefit auction earlier this week. This afternoon I took the time to warp it up for the first time. I'm using it for card weaving, since I like those results better than inkle weaving. (Sturdier weave, better selvedges.) Looks like it will do just fine.

And yes, I had 4 or 5 animals in the studio at all times, making sure I was doing everything correctly.

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19th August, 2010. 1:25 am. Seeing Triple

Seeing Triple
Originally uploaded by lissagwen
Our new rescue pup is fitting in just fine! He's the one in the middle. They all snuggle together, eat together, and Wash (the new one) has enough energy now to romp around the back yard with Malcolm. You should see them playing chase! We're still working on not jumping on people, and he has to gain some weight to get back up to normal.

All three of them love nothing better than to cuddle up to their humans. Which reminds me--it is time for bed. They are all here at my feet, waiting for me to crawl into the Big Bed, so they can curl up at my legs, back, and head.

Yes, the bed is getting mighty crowded these days.

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18th August, 2010. 12:12 am. 5 joys for the day

* I went to a rehearsal for the choral group Celtica! this evening. My skills may be a couple of years rusty (I haven't done much in the way of group singing since the Known World Choir at Estrella bit the dust), but I did well enough to get a permanent slot. So now my Tuesday nights are busy, and I have a whole mess of music learning to catch up on.

* Michelle & I found the floor in her room today, and did the rest of the major pre-college shopping. Almost there.

* Wash, the new dog, evidently learns very quickly. I had worked with him on Sunday evening on 'sit', and he has it down pat. He has also picked up on his name.

* Rain! There was a lovely gentle rain this evening when I came out of rehearsal. And we kept the door open, so there was a thundering accompaniment to some of the songs.

* I pruned back the bamboo the other day, and Leticia came over today to snag the big stuff for bean supports in her garden. It is fun having it go to where it will get appreciated and used. If I need some, I can always harvest more. And in the mean time, we can walk around in the back yard again without those particular stalks of bamboo leaning over into our pathway.

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17th August, 2010. 12:31 am. 5 joys for the day

* I have a puppy asleep in my lap. Ok, he's not really a puppy--probably more like a year or so old. He is skin and bones, rescued from the pound via the AZCockerRescue group and then to our house this past Friday. He is a total love bug, and with some basic manners training will fit in very well to the zoo. He's a blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

* Michelle leaves for college in a week from Thursday. I'm not really ready for her to go, but I'm so proud of the journey she has made, and the one she is starting on.

* I have bamboo! I pruned back the patch in the back yard, and now I have several nice stalks to either use myself, or give away to friends. You can do so much with the stuff.

* Did I mention the new dog? :) We named him Wash, to go along with the other two we have: Malcolm and Kaylee. Yes, I have a family full of geeks. I guess that counts as a separate joy.

* I won the standing inkle loom in a benefit auction that was going on over the past few weeks. I hope it is as good as it looks--I'd really like to be able to make multiple yards of trim at once.

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17th August, 2010. 12:24 am. Viking Wire Weaving: SunDrago necklace

Did I show you all this one? I guess not. This is a Viking wire woven necklace in the Barony of SunDragon's colors. I made it to go into the silent auction they held at last weekend's RenMan event. It is made from 5 colors of Artistic Wire.

Gepa of SunDragon had the winning bid. I hope she has fun with it!

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1st August, 2010. 11:59 pm. Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation, and almost unpacked and caught up. So tonight I took some time and dumped my numerous photographs into a handful of Flickr accounts. If you want to take a peek, they are here:


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18th July, 2010. 9:59 am. Dusk off the end of the dock

Dusk from the end of the dock

I got a couple of shots uploaded to Photobucket last night. This one was taken last night at dusk, standing on the end of the dock. Ahhhhh.

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17th July, 2010. 8:49 pm. Ahhhh....we're there

I have internet connection, but not enough to really upload pictures. So I get text only entries for awhile, until I can get photobucket to behave itself.

However, we're here! Crossed the border at lunchtime, dodged the bear in the road on the way in, and got in to camp in the early afternoon. Darted into town for groceries, and we were back in time to get on the water and catch more than enough fish for dinner. Eric caught a northern that was 30some inches, which was in the protected slot. Too big, had to throw it back so it could make babies for us for the next trip. Heck of a fight, though.

Now, I'm listening to the loons outside, getting ready to roll up a D&D character so we can play one of these evenings.

Life is good.

I think I'll go have some fish goop and crackers. (Leftover fried northern pike, mushed up with cocktail sauce. Surprisingly good.)

Current mood: grateful.

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